LATEST: Oregon Town Rejects Oregon Governor's Lockdown Policies, Declares Itself Lockdown-Free

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Baker City, Oregon Mayor Kerry McQuisten told "Fox News Primetime" on Monday that she is declaring a state of emergency to end Governor Kate Brown's COVID-19 decrees because the government's mandates are "hurting our people more than the virus."

Baker City residents and business owners proposed the concept of a "common sense sanctuary" to city council, which approved the resolution, Resolution 3881, on March 23 by a 5-2 vote.

She told Fox News:

The common sense sanctuary idea was brought forth by business owners and citizens in town. What came from that after meetings and public testimony and more public testimony and then a work session, was a resolution and a letter to the governor. The resolution is we are declaring a state of emergency. We are saying these lockdowns and mandates are hurting our people more than the virus.

What we don't have is the ability as a municipality to come up against OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] and prevent those fines. What we do have is the ability to stand up for our citizens and give them a voice and that's what we have done. Hopefully, if this resolution spreads like wildfire across Oregon, which it seems to be doing, the people will realize that the power has always been with them. If you think about it, if all of these businesses that are facing lockdowns open up at once, there is no physical way for OSHA to be able to police that system.

Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten blamed Brown's regulations, claiming that her city's mental health, fiscal, and crime crises are the result of state mandates rather than the virus. 

"Our intent was to give our citizens a voice. They felt, for the past year, they have not had a voice and they're being hurt at this point, and someone needed to stand up and speak loudly on their behalf. And our hope was that this would spread across the state and pick up steam and that other cities and counties would jump on board and say the same," McQuisten said.

Lockdowns have been the cause of dire straits for many, with reports that at least 21,000 cancer patients died because they couldn't book appointments. Further, at least one study has found that lockdowns take decades of years of life for every life they save. The equivalence is roughly 3 lives dead to every life saved if using an average human lifespan.

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