New York Governor: Impose Discrimination Against Unvaccinated People, Ban Discrimination Against Vaccinated People

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Discrimination is good for me but not for you. So declared New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday.

Cuomo has imposed large-scale discrimination in New York against people who have chosen not to take experimental coronavirus vaccines. He has done so via actions including putting in place Excelsior Passes that serve as vaccine passports required for entry to certain events and places. And, last week, Cuomo announced people who have taken experimental coronavirus vaccines can receive free tickets to, and segregated seating with relaxed coronavirus-related restrictions at, professional baseball games in the state.

But, vaccination-based-discrimination-loving Cuomo says he is aghast that a private summer camp in the state would dare to bar participation by people who have taken an experimental coronavirus vaccine (some of which are not vaccines under the normal meaning of the term). Cuomo declared Monday that he wants to ban such discrimination. “I want to propose a law that says you can't discriminate against a person who has a vaccine,” said Cuomo.

Melissa Klein wrote Saturday at the New York Post about the plans of Camp Hikon that appear to have given Cuomo a fit.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute

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