LATEST: Human Rights Organizations Call Cancel Culture A Dangerous Threat To America

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Multiple human rights organizations have come together to decry cancel culture as a dangerous threat to Americans' rights. The Alliance Defending Freedom, First Liberty Institute, American Center for Law and Justice, and National Coalition Against Censorship all decried "cancel culture" all collectively agreed that people's basic rights are trampled upon when Cancel Culture prevails.

First Liberty Institute, a human rights organization that stands up for those persecuted by government, called Cancel Culture government censorship and said universities are being used by the government to take away Amrican citizen's rights. In their statement, they note the alarming rate at which universities are censoring students who do not toe the line and repeat what the government wants them to.

One example they cited was a student named Moriah Bridges, whose school "censored her graduation speech because it included a prayer mentioning her faith in Jesus Christ." The reasoning for the censorship was that the government said she couldn't be religious in her speech, as Alliance Defending Freedom states "While Moriah’s school and many others claim that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment requires them to scrub religion from the schoolhouse, the law demands that schools not censor religious expression."

Additionally, Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization devoted to taking legal action to ensure those who are silenced and bullied have a voice to speak out against their oppressors, called Cancel Culture "dangerous," stating it is "censorship masquerading as compassionate civility." They also call it "a threat that was until very recently confined to public university campuses [which has] now spread to the broader culture and even to corporate boardrooms, undermining free speech and public discourse for everyday Americans."

The Alliance Defending Freedom's solution is to "get back to a place where a large majority of Americans feel comfortable voicing their thoughts in the public square without fearing that they’ll be bullied or censored."

Further, the American Center for Law and Justice, a legal non-profit devoted to asserting equal rights for all Americans, also called Cancel Culture unjust and a threat to Americans' rights. They also said they will do everything in their power to challenge it in court and make sure Americans' rights are upheld.

Additionally, the National Coalition Against Censorship, which is an organization devoted to upholding human rights and social justice, railed against Cancel Culture, stating it censors artists and stunts free speech. In a statement about the censorship of an artwork piece due to cancel culture, they write that cancel culture is nothing more than "blacklisting an artist who has engaged in the conversation about racial violence with the best of intentions (though with controversial results)."

The National Coalition Against Censorship then concluded that blacklisting and bullying people who disagree with you into staying silent "is not going to move us one inch towards social justice, it will only create fissures among allies at a time when alliances are exactly what we need if we are to hope for a more progressive America."

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