How rodeo and hunting are misunderstood (ft. Brandon McDow)

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“The content that we’ve also been posting that’s actually done the best has been more of the rodeo content. And I think that was due to COVID… because people that watch rodeo missed rodeo and go to them. So I guess YouTube was the next best thing. I think I’ve I’ve seen a lot of rodeo, especially like Dale Brisby [on] his page. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of his stuff, but he has a pretty big YouTube page.” – Brandon McDow, co-founder of Bar MC Media & certified drone operator

In Episode 176 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Brandon McDow of Bar MC Media – a media company he co-founded with his girlfriend, Meagan McElya. 

Brandon is a fifth-generation Texan and avid outdoorsman. He grew up in Goliad in the heart of South Texas, where his life was built around the ranching and farming lifestyle. After earning a degree in Agricultural Engineering and Technology from Sam Houston State University, he searched for way to apply his knowledge and grow from that foundation.  His company Bar MC Media creates video and photo content, specializing in rodeo events, hunting/fishing industry, wildlife, and ranch/rural real estate. We also offer consulting services for social media marketing and website development. Meagan and Brandon are based in College Station, Texas, but are willing to travel.

Learn more about Bar MC Media here and follow them on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. Connect with Brandon on Instagram and follow Tejas Hunt Club too. 

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Photo Credit: Brandon McDow

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