Covid transitioning to climate “emergency”

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The Covid-19 emergency was real and short-term. The broad-based, rather than targeted, responses made it worse for the country. Covid is only a warm-up for the so-called “climate emergency,” which is fake. The climate proposals by so many politicians, activists and media mavens for this fabricated “emergency” will be long-term destructive for America.

The Covid-19 pandemic is dissipating after raging for more than a year. Data on new infections, hospitalizations and deaths have sharply declined in this calendar year and vaccines have been taken by one-third of the country and counting. With the hoped for demise of the coronavirus rapidly approaching, more politicians will have to relinquish their unchecked “emergency” power over society.

Or, will they? A climate emergency beckons.

Politicians, starting with our mask-wearing, vaccinated President, Joe Biden, and governors such as California’s Gavin Newsom and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, are dragging out Covid restrictions. The garrulous bureaucrat, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is hours passed his 15 minutes of Covid fame, also is having a hard time letting go. Recently he asserted the country is not even two-thirds the way through the pandemic, i.e., “the bottom of the sixth” inning.

Americans for most of the last 14 months deferred to such charlatans. But, we’ve had enough. Thankfully, many states have lifted their Covid restrictions. People are going back to work, unemployment is dropping and the economy has been growing rapidly since last summer, well before Biden and Congress decided to “rescue” America with $2 trillion from the Federal Reserve printing press and propose $4 trillion more.

On deck to follow the dwindling Covid emergency is the “climate emergency,” which is increasing in the public nomenclature to order and control society in similar fashion. “Global warming” is so twentieth century, so yesterday, especially when spring snow is common and Antarctic ice keeps expanding. Even “climate change,” denoted to mean any and all weather events, doesn’t have the same urgency as energy prices climb and oil and gas workers get canceled.

If every supposed unusual weather event indicates catastrophic “climate change,” the term becomes amorphous; i.e., to mean everything is to mean nothing.  Similarly, “infrastructure,” was thought of mostly as roads, bridges and pipelines. Now it encompasses cradle-to-grave welfare state redistribution and the duplicitous “Green New Deal.”

No one alive today experienced a pandemic on the scale of Covid-19, except for a few centenarians who would have no memory of the Spanish flu of 1918. Covid-19 was unique and tragic. Initially, Americans were willing to adhere to government experts and politicians to the point of their businesses closing and their children missing school since little was known about the lethality of the virus.

In turns out so much that was imposed by emergency orders to fight the coronavirus was unnecessary and destructive both to the economy and mental health. Politician after politician, using guesswork and ego, wielded their dictatorial powers by invoking “science and data.” Maintaining economic lockdowns and keeping businesses, schools and houses of worship closed were not scientifically justified, and did not mitigate the coronavirus.

Similarly, the efficacy of government climate policies is wildly embellished and will not impact the planet, something Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry clumsily acknowledged.  Yet, politicians as powerful as the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, have urged President Biden to declare a climate emergency and singularly impose climate policies on the economy.

Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and its YouTube subsidiary constantly suppressed scientific and medical information contrary to the prevailing political Covid lockdown narrative. One of countless examples: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a panel on Covid in March with several scientists that was removed by YouTube. Google’s geniuses censored scientists so Americans would not learn different views on Covid, and the same occurs regarding climate change.

As with Covid, Big Tech and most of Big Media are unpretentious about banning scientific discussion about natural and historic climate change and its benign implications. CNN has long propagated the climate doomsday narrative, and vows to continue, post-Covid. Time magazine is brazen about the Covid-Climate nexus.

As was so often with Covid, the climate emergency edicts will purport to “follow the science” to justify raising fuel prices, causing blackouts, eliminating energy and manufacturing jobs, imposing dietary and travel restrictions, dictating use of household appliances, forcing limited vehicle options, and more that will squeeze low-income to middle class families.

All the while, two simple questions will never get asked in “mainstream” media outlets: (1) should Americans sacrifice their economic well-being and children’s future to stop the average global temperature from increasing by one or two degrees in the next eight decades; and (2) where is the scientific evidence, much less proof, that such drastic climate policies will have any tangible effect on atmospheric gases and, much more, the planet’s climate trajectory?

The growing Covid-style, government decision making under the guise of a “climate emergency” is coming more slowly but inexorably compared the sudden steps taken when the pandemic hit last year. That makes them more dangerous to Americans and, if fully implemented, harder to undo.

  • Peter Murphy is Senior Fellow at CFACT. He has researched and advocated for a variety of policy issues, including education reform and fiscal policy, both in the non-profit sector and in government in the administration of former New York Governor George Pataki. He previously wrote and edited The Chalkboard weblog for the NY Charter Schools Association, and has been published in numerous media outlets, including The Hill, New York Post, Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal. Twitter: @PeterMurphy26 Website:

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