Conservation, cicadas, crazy stories (ft. the Your Mountain guys)

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“We did get permission from the Chief-of-Staff for it. And we later recorded a podcast with our former boss, the governor [Mark Mead], and brought this up in his responses, You guys are doing this while you were working for me?” – Your Mountain

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In Episode 178 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes Nephi Cole and David Willms from Your Mountain onto the podcast. They chat their origins, Arkansas Senate Bill (SB) 298Montana House Bill 647, the 30×30 report, Brood X cicada hatch, and tourist season in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Here’s more about Your Mountain: Join David Willms, Mike McGrady, Nephi Cole, and entertaining guests each week as they use humor, storytelling, and more than 40 years of collective experience in law, science, and policy to explain important decisions affecting your outdoor experience. As the guys frequently say, “There are millions of acres of opportunity out there. They belong to you. Every day, decisions are being made that affect your land, your water, and your wildlife. You should know about them. This is Your Mountain.” 

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