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“Current Texas law does not allow the donation of exotic game meat to foodbanks. This commonsense legislation will ease the burden that food banks constantly face, especially in times of emergency, such as the recent storms that wreaked havoc on the Lone Star State or COVID-19.” — Sportsmen’s Alliance

In the two most recent District of Conservation episodes, Gabriella discusses the latest in firearms and conservation news. 

Episode 179

In Episode 179 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses her frustration with the obsessive Brood X cicada fanfare, cicada tacos, and provides a sampling of the insects chirping. Plus, she discusses Texas House Bill 2213 and how exotic game meat, particularly axis and fallow deer, could soon be donated to food banks in the Lone Star State.

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Episode 180

In Episode 180 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses some recent headlines on firearms and guns. She discusses Senator Cynthia Lummis’ SAME Act, USCCA’s new PAC, and Texas being on the cusp of passing constitutional carry thanks to a deal reached by its state legislature.

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Photo Credit: Gabriella Hoffman / District of Conservation

  • Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the "District of Conservation" podcast and CFACT's original YouTube series "Conservation Nation." Learn more about her work at

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