BREAKING: Idaho Governor Signs Law Making Idaho A Second Amendment Sanctuary State

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Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed a new law to thwart President Joe Biden's half-dozen executive orders aimed at restricting gun use. The Republican governor signed the law making it impossible for Idaho government agencies to enforce Biden's executive actions which he made in March.

The law prohibits all Idaho government agencies from enforcing executive orders, federal laws, treaties, agency orders, and rules that are in conflict with the Idaho Constitution which involve guns, firearm parts, weapon equipment, or ammunition.

Idaho also has legislation in place from 2014 saying the state government cannot enforce federal actions that violate Second Amendment rights. The improvements to the law made by the law signed Monday add additional safeguards to stop Biden's executive orders from being applied in Idaho.

Backers of the new law said it also makes it illegal to charge Idaho weapons and ammunition manufacturers as liable if their guns are used in crimes.

The backers know the state now runs the risk of losing government dollars, but said that Idaho did not lose federal funding when the 2014 legislation was passed, so there's no reason to suspect they will lose federal funding over this law.

Idaho has a history of recognizing how horrifically federal gun restrictions can be enforced. After all, many people in the state remember Ruby Ridge, where government officers killed two members of Randy Weaver's family during a raid over an allegedly illegal firearm.

Weaver was cleared on all charges, but the hatred for the useless death at the hands of government officers sticks among gun owners to this day.  So, It does not come as a surprise that Iowans would be on board with cutting gun grabs in the state.

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