BREAKING: CDC Lifts Most Mask Restrictions For Vaccinated People

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Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, announced on Thursday that vaccinated Americans are no longer required to wear masks. The procedural change occurred just as the CDC issued a new recommendation that those who have been fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask in most settings.

"Today, CDC is updating our guidance for fully vaccinated people: Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask or physical distancing. If you are fully vaccinated, you are protected, and you can start doing the things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic," Dr. Walensky told reporters.

According to Fox News, the CDC's updated guidance will continue to advise Americans who have been vaccinated against coronavirus to wear masks in crowded indoor settings such as public transportation, hospitals, and prisons, but not in schools or offices.

Dr. Walensky also stated that the new guidance was not intended to incentivize people to get the vaccine. Instead, she stated that she was "following the science." She stated to reporters:

"I want to be clear that we followed the science here. While this may serve as an incentive for some people to get vaccinated, that is not the purpose. Our purpose here is as a public health agency to follow the science and to follow where we are with regard to the science and what is safe for individuals to do," Walensky said.

At least 25 studies have questioned the effectiveness of masks to stop Coronavirus, with the most recent finding severe health problems potentially threatening those who do wear masks. According to the study, there are up to 202,549 different viruses and bacteria that are present on any one mask at any time. Additionally, the study found:

Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemasks can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death.

The CDC changing their guidance is a welcoming bit of news showing that, sometimes, the science wins out over the rhetoric. 

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  1. Follow the science? Don't make us laugh. There has never been any peer reviewed studies proving the efficacy of masks to begin with. The CDC refuses to acknowledge the efficacy of Ivermectin to prevent and cure Covid, particularly early symptomatic stage covid, to the tune of 100%. The vaccine dangers are being hidden and in fact it's gene therapy, not a vaccine. Now we find out Fauci & company were involved in Gain of Function research with SARS virus, this whole epidemic is looking more and more like a manufactured bioweapon attack with involvement of not only China but many people here in the US.