BREAKING: Biden Administration Shuts Down COVID Origin Investigation Linking Wuhan Lab To U.S. Government

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After being informed on the State Department's draft conclusions in February and March of this year, the Biden Administration shut down an inquiry conducted by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The White House rationalized shutting down this inquiry by claiming that concerns had been raised regarding the credibility of the conclusions and that it appeared to be an inefficient use of resources.

However, Mike Pompeo himself and the ACLJ, a government accountability watchdog, claim to have discovered evidence linking Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to the facility where Coronavirus was reportedly created.

Dr. Fauci publicly stated at a House Committee hearing how much taxpayer funds were supplied to the laboratory that may have unleashed this virus that has killed millions throughout the world. According to Dr. Fauci, the funds were sent to the Chinese lab via the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance to fund:

A modest collaboration with very respectable Chinese scientists who were experts on coronavirus. . . .The National Institutes of Health earmarked $600,000 for the Wuhan Institute of Virology over a five-year period to study whether bat coronaviruses could be transmitted to humans.

The ACLJ is about to submit a FOIA act to gain new information that the intelligence community is hiding concerning the Wuhan lab and the Coronavirus. This is because the ACLJ uncovered months ago that the Intelligence Community has been withholding information from the public concerning the true origins of the virus.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell told ACLJ:

I can tell you that the IC does have better information than what the State Department can provide. So, let's come forward and get that information. Let’s give transparency a chance here. The Biden team from the beginning has been playing politics with the intelligence community. You look at what they did at the Khashoggi report – that was outrageously political. You look at what they are doing now at recruitment – outrageously political. So, all of these propagandists in Washington D.C. who constantly talk about politicizing intelligence, I don’t see any of them talking about the politicization right now of the Biden Administrations Intelligence Community and what they are doing to find the truth and the right information.

According to sources, the United States funded the facility that has allegedly been tied to producing the virus that shut down the whole planet. Fortunately, the United States Senate passed an amendment yesterday prohibiting financing for research in China, which means next time this happens there can be repurcussions. A country that commits genocide against its own people should not be financed by the US to conduct more research on deadly viruses.

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