BREAKING: 1619 Project Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones First Person To Be Denied Tenure For Her Position At UNC's Esteemed Journalism School

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Nikole Hannah-Jones, the controversial 1619 Project creator for The New York Times, was denied tenure in her professorial position and will instead be granted a five-year contract as Professor of Practice with the possibility of being assessed for tenure at the end of that span, The Post Millennial reports.

According to Susan King, Dean of UNC-Hussman, Hannah-Jones sent a tenure package that was as well-received as any she had ever seen, and Hannah-Jones received enthusiastic encouragement along the way, up until meeting the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, who opted not to take action on her bid.

The job is not required to be tenured, but after UNC began working with the special program she applied for in 1980, all have been awarded tenure. One of the board members told NC Policy Watch that "Politics" inspired the decision, although others have said that it was actually political interests helped elevate Hannah-Jones to the position despite vocalized issues with her level of scholarship in crafting the 1619 Project.

For instance, Jay Schalin of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal wrote an op-ed earlier this month where reportedly claimed Hannah-Jones’ nomination reflected a move toward “propaganda” at Hussman.

In his op-ed he reportedly stated "UNC’s hiring Hannah-Jones signals a degradation of journalistic standards, from one in which ethics and truth are prized to one in which a writer’s work is judged according to whether it serves a preferred political agenda."

He also noted that the 1619 Project was "less journalism than an outpouring of emotions. The crown jewel of her career – leading a rewriting of the nation’s history called ‘The 1619 Project’ – has been attacked and ridiculed by historians of all stripes and persuasions as unfactual and biased."

The 1619 Project is a narrative of American history that is rewritten to be viewed through the lens of race and power struggles rather than taking an objective, facts-based approach that is informed by the laws, accounts, and events of the time. 

Fact checkers have found multiple serious historical inaccuracies in the project's retelling of American events.

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