BREAKING: 1,500 Counties Nationwide Declared Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

In an insane media cover up (well, we didn't cover it up), roughly half of all counties in the United States have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary States. This comes at a time when Biden is trying to work with Democrats to pass the largest gun control schemes the country has ever seen.

Additionally, 10 states have so far declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary States, meaning 1 out of every 5 states nationwide are not bending the knee to Democrat gun grabbing measures. 6 of these states became Second Amendment Sanctuary States in April alone.

The map (below) from Sanctuary Counties shows all the counties across the United States that are Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties. Some states. such as Virginia. are almost completely sanctuary states just based on county actions alone:

Noah Davis, who put together the map for Sanctuary Counties after poring over hundreds of different documents and reports, states:

New Second Amendment Sanctuaries are popping up daily at this point. We have reached 47.42% of counties that are protected by pro-Second Amendment bills/resolutions/ordinances at either the state or county level. There are so many new Second Amendment Sanctuaries that I have been forced to modify the process by which I update the national map. Until things slow down, I will be publishing new maps prior to publishing all of the supporting articles. I will ensure that those articles get published after the fact, however. Please be patient as I work to get caught back up.

The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms, and many constitutional scholars are applauding the efforts of states to rein in a government that they see as overstepping its bounds. 

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