BOMBSHELL: Medical Doctors And Psychiatrists Join Former Generals Stating Biden Is Mentally Unfit For President

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

No doubt news of 124 former generals and admirals signing a letter saying Biden's mental health problems make him unfit for presidency has reached your ears already, but what you may not have heard are the testimonies of doctors and psychiatrists and others who have agreed with their assessment.

Leading the charge are two doctors who both assert Biden has "a lot" of medical issues. The first one, talking to the Washington Examiner's Joseph Simpson and Kimberly Leonard, said of Biden, "He’s not a healthy guy. He’s not in bad shape for his age, but I wouldn't say he’s in outstanding health. Could I guarantee he won't have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there." 

The physician is Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama's personal physician for 22 years. He reviewed the official report from the Biden campaign and came to his conclusion. He also personally stated he wanted to see an MRI and sleep test to ensure Biden doesn't have any strokes. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

The details from the letter made Scheiner, 81, concerned about Biden’s potential for strokes, and he said he would want to see results from an MRI or CT scan. Because Biden also used to have sleep apnea before getting surgery on his sinus and nasal passages, Scheiner said he would also like to review the results of a sleep study.

However, Scheiner isn't the only physician who argues Biden has health issues. Another prominent former White House physician who served for three former Presidents also says Biden has health issues. In a tweet he stated "I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents. I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right!"

But it isn't just medical doctors who worry about the president's health. An Ivy League psychiatrist in an interview with Mark Levin also admitted Biden has mental health problems. The psychiatrist, Dr. Brandy Lee, is a professor at Yale University.

According to the Washington Examiner, she told Mark Levin in an interview that Biden's mental health "seems like it’s not so perfect. . . I believe he has the insight and integrity to pass off tasks if he were to become incapacitated."

So, in other words, for Biden to be president, he needs to let other people do the work for him because he can't do it himself. If that isn't calling someone mentally unfit for office, I have no idea what is. But she isn't the only psychiatrist to question Biden's mental health.

A Norwegian Psychiatrist, Dr. Fred Heggen, who is the medical director at Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital’s psychiatric clinic in Oslo, Norway, wrote an op-ed claiming Biden needs to be checked for "normal, cognitive abilities." In his op-ed he states that Biden was unable to confront Bernie Sanders during the presidential debates, and nobody bothered to confront Biden on his "major issue" of "suspected severed dementia symptoms."

The noted psychiatrist Dr. Fred Heggen states (translated):

Shouldn't one be reasonably sure that the person who is perhaps to lead the world's only superpower, at least has normal, cognitive abilities?

. . .

First, in a live broadcast, he [Sanders] was verbally beaten by Elisabeth Warren, without striking back. He then failed to confront Joe Biden with Biden's three obvious disabilities, namely the allegations of corruption, the women's stories, and what may be suspected to be severe dementia symptoms.

But it doesn't end there. Dr. J.L. Johnson, who has treated neurologically impaired adult patients for 22 years and worked in every major hospital system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, asserts Biden is a textbook example of impaired mental abilities. In his clinical evaluation of Joe Biden for Human Events, he concludes that Biden's gaffes indicate he has "a progressive neurological disease, like Alzheimer’s or Frontotemporal Dementia."

Dr. J.L. Johnson writes:

Biden often presents with a flat affect, and appears disoriented and lost, even in the comfortable surroundings of his own basement. In a tightly controlled environment, Biden’s reading skill seems well preserved, but his reading comprehension and retention are suspect.

Although Biden’s cognitive-linguistic deficits sequelae are well known, an explanatory diagnosis has yet to be determined. Nevertheless, their diffuse nature and multilobe involvement are typical of a progressive neurological disease, like Alzheimer’s or Frontotemporal Dementia, as opposed to a stroke where a focal deficit is confined to one area of the brain.  

Sadly, Mr. Biden’s prognosis is gloomy at best, and will worsen over time, but who among us cannot say that, medically speaking. . .

In short, retired generals and admirals are not the only people sounding the alarm that Biden is mentally unfit for office, multiple medical doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists are also sounding the alarm.

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  1. Is it, was it, not obvious he was selected and not elected, to shoe-horn in the first colored woman president, who could never make it by herself because even her own party despise her?