WATCH: New Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Cop Saved Woman From Being Stabbed By Ma'Khia Bryant

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By John Paluska, founder of The Washington Gazette

Tensions are running high, and is appears the Mainstream Media can't just let a victory be a victory with the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin. So they decided to focus on a shooting and completely rewrite reality and make something a race issue that simply wasn't.

So, rather than tell you what happened, we at The Washington Gazette are having you watch the footage for yourself: [WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT]

It's a shame that the media just can't go five minutes without talking before receiving all the facts, but many aren't doing that. We at The Washington Gazette think the video speaks for what really happened that day. 

This is clearly a tragedy, but right now it's being used for propaganda rather than an honest reporting of events. That also is also a tragedy in-and-of-itself, as shootings are now being used for ideological ploys rather than let people grieve in peace.

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