FACT CHECK: No Evidence Voter ID Laws Prevent Black People From Voting

By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no evidence voter ID laws prevent black people from voting. On the contrary, a study from Yale University found the opposite, that voter ID laws have no statistically significant affect on voter turnout. 

They write:

After addressing errors of specification and interpretation in the DID model, we find that no consistent relationship between voter ID laws and turnout can be established using the [Hajnal, Lajevardi and Nielson (2017) study] and [Cooperative Congressional Election Studies] data.

So, contrary to Democrat assumptions on voter fraud, the truth is voter turnout is not suppressed by requiring voter identification.

Black People Do Not Have Fewer IDs That Anyone Else

Another common argument is that black people do not have identification. But this is statistically impossible. In two states where such surveys of the voter turnout were considered, 99.4%+ of the states' voting populations had identification. These numbers far surpass the percentage of black people in the states, meaning most black people in these states would have to have had identification for the numbers to hit as high as they did.

One particular case is Georgia, which has been at the center of much misinformation concerning voter turnout and voter IDs. In Georgia, 98.2% of the population has voter IDs. And for the rest, obtaining valid identification is completely free.

Further, Georgians do not need voter IDs to vote. A U.S. Passport or state ID in general is valid as well. A person can even use an expired ID to vote. So Georgians should not have any problem voting under the new Voter ID law.

Voter ID Laws Are Not Racist

With all the data, it is difficult to argue that voter IDs are racist. Rather, the contrary can be argued. There's no true justification to the argument that voter IDs keep black people from voting. In states where voter ID surveys were conducted, the overwhelming majority of people already had valid identification.


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