White Cop Saves Black Baby From Choking To Death

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

While the media lambasts a cop who saved a woman from being stabbed to death, another heartwarming story of the boys in blue doing their job surfaced in Ohio. In this case, a police officer saved a baby from choking to death with his quick thinking before the paramedics could get there.

Police Sergeant Patterson of Richmond Heights Police Department in Columbus, OH, was called to a scene where there was a choking baby. When he arrived the baby had already stopped breathing. Paramedics had been called but there was no way they'd get there in time to save the baby's life, so the officer went to work saving lives, as any good cop should do.

The Richmond Heights Police Department said in a statement:

On Friday, April 16, Sgt Greg Patterson responded to a home for a choking infant.  When he got there, the baby was not breathing.  Sgt Patterson quickly went into action and helped the baby start to breathe again. He saved its life!  This beautiful baby’s name is Jacoby and he is doing well.  The Mom thanked everyone for their help which included our Richmond Hts paramedics who transported Jacoby to the hospital.

He was able to get the baby breathing again before paramedics arrived and paramedics were able to take over and make sure the baby was not harmed and transport the baby to the hospital. The baby is now fine and back with the thankful mother.

The mother thanked Sergeant Patterson and a cute picture of the baby was put on social media. This officer's quick thinking saved the baby's life. In an interview with Fox8, the mother told the outlet she had "tears in her eyes" and was thankful for the police officer's actions.

You can watch the interview below:

With the news media becoming hyper-aware of bad policing, which is important for there to be any significant reforms on removing bad cops, people sometimes forget that there's plenty of good cops who are doing their duty and saving lives, like Patterson.

Derek Chauvin may have been abusive when he arrested George Floyd, but that doesn't mean good cops deserve to be put through the shredder for it. In fact, the good cops likely dislike the bad cops more than you do.

One officer explained that if a cop can't tell the difference between his taser and his gun, then he shouldn't be a policeman, the two are completely different and holstered in different spots. Additionally, he told everyone that "nobody likes a bad cop more than a good cop" because bad cops make good cops' lives a nightmare.

We should continue to hold bad cops accountable, but not forget the good cops, like Sgt. Patterson and the police officer who saved a woman from being stabbed to death by Bryant, who are living up to their duty to protect and serve.

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