BREAKING: Texas Ranchers Are Now Fighting Armed Illegal Immigrants Themselves Because Biden Has Largely Withdrawn Border Patrol

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

As Biden continues to ignore the problem he created at the Southern Border, Texas ranchers are taking a stand to help secure their properties. One such man is John Sewell, who has caught multiple illegal immigrants and handed them off to Border Patrol before he even had a chance to eat breakfast, he told Fox News in an interview.

His story isn't unique, either. He says there's other ranchers out there like him who are forced to protect their properties because Border Patrol has told them their hands are tied. 

On April 15, Texan ranchers were forced to fight off armed human smugglers themselves, The Epoch Times reports. They were told by Federal and Local law enforcement to carry guns because the new smugglers are militant. And The Epoch Times reports multiple organizations are blaming the failure on President Biden because he will not do what is necessary to protect American citizens.

The problem is so bad that a group of Texans have banded together to help Border Patrol do its job. The group, Texas Border Volunteers, regularly track human smugglers and contact Border Patrol and Texas Rangers to help apprehend the smugglers and shut down the entry paths into Texas. Though they've been working for 15 years, they say this year has had unprecedented numbers of immigrants.

Many are unsure why Biden continues to put the lives of Texans and others in border cities and states at risk with his Executive Orders telling Border Patrol to stop focusing on the dangerous human smugglers at the border. According to a new NBC poll, 6 in 10 Americans think Biden is doing a horrible job at the Border. Unlike President Trump, who cleaned up the issue by leaving it to the experts, the Border Patrol agents themselves, Biden continues to tell Border Patrol to stop doing their jobs, and Texans are the ones who foot the dangerous bill.

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