BREAKING: DHS: Mexican Drug Cartels Have Working Partnerships With Government Officials

By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

The president of the National Border Patrol Council, the body representing Border Patrol agents, has reportedly told Fox News that the Mexican Drug Cartels are now controlling the U.S. border. His statements are not hyperbole, either. He meant what he said, and he isn't the only person saying it. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) echoed his sentiments in a video from One America News Network.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security stated in their most recent report that Mexican Cartels are the biggest threat out of all cartels and transnational criminal organizations because they "pose the greatest threat to the Homeland because of their ability to control territory—including along the U.S. Southwest Border—and co-opt parts of government, particularly at a state and local level."

The report continues to state "Although COVID-19 has disrupted some cartel operations, their ability to move large quantities of illicit goods into and throughout the Homeland remains largely intact."

This is compounded upon with an investigative work reported on by The New American that exposes how the Federal Government has worked with Mexican Drug Lords in the past.

But what's perhaps more horrifying than these statements are the facts that back it up. For starters, The Gateway Pundit obtained a bombshell video showing a Mexican Drug Cartel distributing fentanyl right in plain site. The person recording the video cited it was a "huge operation" as he documented cartel members standing watch. border Patrol was nowhere to be found.

Cartels Have Unfettered Access To The Border

Additionally, the cartels have ramped up smuggling of drugs, according to Border Patrol's latest numbers. They state fentanyl confiscations have risen 50%. This couples with The Washington Times reporting that Border Patrol agents are being "pulled off" arrests to take care of mothers and children, which therefore forces Border Patrol to let people into the country.

The Cartels are using women and children to peel agents off duty so they can run whatever they want through the border, according to former Trump Administration commissioner of Border Patrol Mark Morgan.

But perhaps the most damning evidence that the Cartels have taken over is they are charging Mexican citizens for entrance into the country, and they essentially have guaranteed control of who goes in.

According to Border Report:

The senior Border Patrol official also addressed the involvement of the Mexican drug cartels in the ongoing migrant surge.

“Cartels or transnational criminal organizations are taking advantage of the situation that we’re in. […] They charge every single person that comes across that border,” he said. The cartels are so sophisticated that they’re constantly switching the entry points they chose for migrant families, children and single adults to illegally come into the country.

Biden Has Told Border Patrol Agents To Scale Back Operations

In addition, Biden has placed a "gag order" on many forms of Border Patrol arrests. Basically, he's telling them to SCALE BACK OPERATIONS and let people cross the border. When you remove the force that stops the Cartels from running the border, you have cartels running the border. And this is proven by the rising control the cartels have seized at the borders.

So what can be done? Well, raising the number of border patrol agents would help, but ultimately ending welfare would go a lot further. 63% of illegal immigrants are on welfare, this includes the earned income tax credit that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants accepting welfare use to NOT PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES. 

Ending Welfare Ends The Desire To Come To America Illegally

If we really want to damage the cartels' control of the border, we end welfare in America. Just 35% of American citizens use welfare, as opposed to the 63% of illegal immigrants. They know they can come to American and get a whole bunch of free stuff. And now they know it's easy to get in because the Cartels may have taken control. The Cartels essentially have unfettered access into the country, even Border Patrol has admitted to this. 

Ending welfare will send a signal to those coming in for free stuff that America is not a gravy train. You can't just come in and mooch off someone else. You need to take part and pay your fair share. And, suddenly, a lot less people will take the risk, because it is illegal to skirt the immigration process. This will be the most viable way to significantly reduce illegal immigration, and it will also help to control the Cartels. Because with much fewer people coming in, Border Patrol is freed up to handle the Cartels and stop take control of our border again.


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