BREAKING: Georgia Governor Tells Cops To Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Business Violations

By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

Georgia's governor has just set in motion a series of relaxed standards of Coronavirus enforcement, including allowing restaurants to distance people 3.5 feet apart instead of 6 feet and also allowing movie theaters to distance by only 3 feet instead of 6.

Additionally, he told police to stop shutting down businesses that violate Coronavirus guidelines. He is also keeping in effect the partial ban on mask mandates.

NorthWest Georgia News reports:

Starting Thursday, April 8, Georgia’s months-long ban on gatherings of more than 50 people in one place will be lifted per orders from the governor, who has steadily moved to ease safety measures imposed since the virus swept the state in March last year.

Restaurants and bars will be allowed to seat patrons at least 3.5 feet from each other instead of the previous 6-foot requirement. Movie-goers can sit 3 feet from each other in indoor theaters. A shelter-in-place order for nursing homes and other elderly-care facilities also will be lifted.

Additionally, police officers will be barred from shutting down businesses that refuse to comply with the new scaled-back distancing and sanitization rules. A partial ban on mask mandates in Georgia cities and counties will also remain in effect.

This is big news as states begin to wind down their Coronavirus lockdown laws. Texas and Florida are two states that are almost entirely lockdown-free. Both have also banned vaccine passport mandates, which human rights advocates have decried as oppressive

Texas, despite its size, is doing much better than Michigan, which remained locked down, and Florida is also doing better than California, despite having the oldest population in the U.S. compared to California's rather young population. 


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