BREAKING: Baltimore Orioles' CEO Supports Limitations On Voting

By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

Baltimore Orioles CEO John Angelos just affirmed he supports limiting voting to only registered voters while saying "the right to vote is a pillar of our American democracy." Clearly somebody forgot to send him the message that unregistered Georgian residents still cannot vote, and therefore that "violates" their right as Americans.

He says in the joint statement with the mayor of Baltimore:

[W]e stand united with Commissioner Manfred in denouncing this malicious legislative effort to suppress voters in Georgia and other state legislatures.

. . .

The City of Baltimore and the Birds of Baltimore applaud MLB’s patriotism in supporting voting rights, and we encourage everyone to use this moment to fight for fair elections and register eligible Americans to vote and make their voices heard

But what's particularly juicy about this is, after stating any effort to limit whether someone can vote or not is a violation of Americans' rights. He goes right ahead and supports requiring a voter be registered before being able to cast a ballot and says every American should "register eligible Americans to vote and make their voices heard."

Well, which is it? Do people have a right to vote or don't they? Apparently not, since Baltimore's CEO in the joint statement with the mayor of Baltimore says people should register to vote. This means that they must inherently believe that voting is not a right unless the state grants that person the right to vote.

So while decrying the state doing nothing unusual other than what they say is their job, to determine who can and cannot vote, they grandstand about telling people it is wrong to regulate who can and cannot vote. 


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