Balanced use, Great Outdoors, and all-of-the above energy (ft. Governor Brian Kemp)

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“A lot of the other states have closed their boat ramps down and state parks and we never did. We kept those open. We had a lot of people coming to fish and hunt in Georgia, which was just great for our small businesses. And obviously, you know, our bait, tackle. Obviously, on the firearms industry side of things and, you know, camping gear and other things. Just the whole…hunting and fishing part of it has been huge for our state. Lot of residuals there in the economy.” — Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia

In Episode 171 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Governor Brian Kemp – the 83rd governor of the Peach State. While Georgia has been in the news recently, Governor Kemp came on to discuss the following subjects: why he’s a sportsman, the importance of balanced use of natural resources, how he plans to combat the Biden administration’s attacks on legal gun ownership, and much more. 

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Photo Credit: Governor Brian Kemp

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