A classic example of agenda-driven weather reporting

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Weather, like climate,  should always be the end, not the means to an end.

If you love something, that should be your goal.  That is where  your treasure is and you aim what you do at it.

Our field is simply being used by many that report on it as a means to an end, not the end

This is a classic example. And if you ever wonder why I am still bringing up this whole climate situation its because in what I do, I can not avoid watching the nonsense that I see.

So the US Sun has this Headline.


Philippines braced for ‘strongest super typhoon on record’ as 190mph Surigae closes in sparking flash flood warnings

A classic example of agenda-driven weather reporting


Now I have been tracking this situation for well over 10 days now because of its implications about large-scale drivers that affect the weather.   Do you think for one-second people that put out that headline had any idea a week ago this was going to develop? Or what it actually implies as far as the pattern goes?  No for they are as snakes are in the grass. waiting in hiding to say something like this for whatever OTHER PURPOSE. they have. So they use the weather as a means to an end, exactly the opposite of what someone that loves the weather does.   So you wonder why after all these years I am like this. When you love something dearly, you do not want to see it misused.

Now because I was looking t this for hints about the downstream weather, its like many of the things I see. Someone that wants to use weather as a means to an end, jumps in with no use for what is going on except their agenda, which is completely different from what I look at the weather for, or any true lover of the weather. The link between typhoon movement and the global weather pattern was actually first detected by WW2 meteorologists who had actually hands-on experience in forecasting.  So this is a long-standing idea, but fat chance the person that wrote this actually knew people were looking at this for more than just to sell blogs or agendas.

The article is without perspective.  It is the strongest typhoon or record in April but like the other basins, there was no way of knowing how strong other typhoons were before the age we are in now. But it WAS NOWHERE NEAR THE STRONGEST ON RECORD. ONLY FOR APRIL. It is like me saying my bench press is the strongest on record right now when I leave out the fact that it’s a record for the age I am at. 65. Anu guess what.  next year if I decide to do bench presses that will be a record also.

2cnd. IT’S NOT HITTING THE PHILLIPPINES.   it is going well to the east.  Rain amounts on the coast of the Phillippines are nothing out of the ordinary and in fact even below what a run of the mill tropical storm moving west across there does

A classic example of agenda-driven weather reporting 2

The strong winds stay well offshore

A classic example of agenda-driven weather reporting 3

it is like a powerful hurricane passing well to the east of Florida. It has always been forecast to the east of the Phillippines though the US models have been further east than the Euro models

3) it is weakening off its peak, as many of them do, yet still get pumped up based on their past

The picture is from this link:  http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/#

​It is passing over 150 miles to the east and weakening as it does.

4) As far as strongest on record in April perhaps its to make up for last year.  They tried to claim in the article because apparently, this is the rage globally now, name everything, that it was a busy year. Yet total names were below normal, but not like their ACE.  THE SECOND LOWEST ACE ON RECORD IN THE TYPHOON PRODUCING AREAS OF THE WORLD. WHICH IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT BASIN ON THE PLANET!!!  That is the biggest story. And of course, while we had our western Atlantic Frenzy last year, the entire meteo media latched on to the climate implications of that while ignoring the far greater climate story ( if you want to say it is one ) that the planetary ACE was below normal, that the number once basin on the planet was near all time record lows. and if you want to play the “Name game”  the intensities of storms on average were close to the WEAKEST ON RECORD.

I am writing this as a reason to show why I still comment on the climate/weather linkage. Quite frankly I do not believe either have anything to do anymore with the pursuit of pure scientific answers. and many people I see on my side of the AGW issue ( which again is not denial but questioning of attribution) that still believe this is still about science ( I do think it used to be)  But I see something I say something and believe me with all the things I get sent I see a lot, but I have to avoid the distraction of contempt of such things.   But in this case, given how long I have watched typhoons and tried to decipher what they tell us about the pattern, this was too big a red flag to avoid. It is a classic example. That there is yellow journalism across the board today in the media and it is on steroids is one thing,  but that they even have gone into the weather shows how far we have really sunk.

Other than all that, it was a great article

  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here. phonyclimatewar.com

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