STUDY: A Person's Body Stays Their Biological Sex After "Transgender" Therapy

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Multiple studies have confirmed that a person's body stays the biological sex it was created, even after transition therapy. These studies have received very little media coverage despite being groundbreaking in the field.

The first study, by Boston University's School of Medicine, found that a man's own body will fight to preserve the chemical balances that keep him a man, even when testosterone therapy is in full swing. The study claimed that testosterone therapy fails to drop a man's testosterone low enough to become that of a female's.

In the study 75% of the participants could not reach a female's levels of testosterone because their bodies would fight to keep equilibrium. Further, for 25% of participants, their testosterone levels never lowered. It is a biological fact that women must stay within a certain range of testosterone to continue being women. So men's bodies fight to keep them men, and 75% of the time they succeed.

Another study found that women who use testosterone therapy to become men still become pregnant if they have not removed their female parts. Additionally, they go on to have births similar to the rest of their non-transition-therapy sex. Even further, a majority of the transgender "men" breast fed their babies, even if they had breast removal surgery. 

Further, a third study showed that testosterone therapy will not stop a woman from becoming pregnant, and that all a woman has to do to return to normal is to stop therapy for 3 months. Meaning their body fights to preserve their sex. However, the study also revealed that testosterone therapy failed to undo the natural biological process of secreting a fertility hormone that the ovaries produce. Finally, the study found that women who take testosterone therapy had completely unchanged thickness in the uterus, meaning they still had just as much a chance of getting pregnant.

It appears the only change for women who try to "become" a man is elevated testosterone. There are no lasting changes from the therapy, according to the study.

Additionally, a fourth study found that men who used hormonal therapy to try to become women were able to produce sperm again after treatment stopped. Furthermore, the sperm was of the same quality as sperm that had come from someone who did not try hormone therapy. This signifies that the body did not stop being its biological sex. It merely was flooded with chemicals that tried to upset the natural processes. When the chemicals were removed, the changes stopped, proving the sex never changed in the first place.

These studies show that the human body knows its gender. It isn't confused or unsure of its biological sex. Instead, it works as hard as it can to maintain homeostasis, even when subjected to a chemical bath that tries to block the body's natural processes.


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