Strengthening Economies and Shoring Up Infrastructure Development along the U.S.-Mexico Border 

Office of the Spokesperson

The U.S. Department of State led a virtual meeting of the Binational Bridges and Border Crossings Group (BBBXG) regional west with Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs on March 24 to recommit to cooperation on binational cross-border infrastructure projects on the California-Arizona section of the southern border.  Featuring critical locations such as the San Ysidro (San Diego-Tijuana) and San Luis (Arizona-Sonora) port of entries, whose efficient operations are crucial to the prosperity and security of both countries, the delegations discussed how projects and investments in infrastructure in the California-Arizona border region have set an example of stellar bilateral cooperation and commercial integration. The delegations also discussed efforts to manage stormwater and improve border water quality in the California-Arizona border region.

Reaffirming the strength of the U.S.-Mexican relationship on infrastructure integration offers both countries the opportunity to meet today’s economic and security challenges in a cooperative fashion while working to grow new and better jobs that will truly benefit the American people.

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