Military Fraud in JFK’s Brain Examinations

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Ever since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it has been a favorite pastime of the mainstream press to speculate on the disappearance of Kennedy’s brain after the autopsy that was conducted by the U.S. national-security establishment. Such speculation, however, enables the mainstream press to avoid confronting the real issue regarding JFK’s brain: the fact that the two brain examinations carried out as part of the autopsy involved lies, deception, and fraud on the part of the autopsy physicians.

Why would military physicians who conducted the autopsy engage in lies, deception, and fraud? After all, the autopsy was conducted just a few hours after the assassination. Why would it have been necessary to engage in lies, deception, and fraud so soon after the assassination?

There can be only one answer, one that the mainstream press and the Washington, D.C., establishment have been loathe to acknowledge for the past 50-plus years: The lies, deception, and fraud were a part of the cover-up of a highly sophisticated violent domestic regime-change operation that the national-security establishment carried out against Kennedy.

The autopsy physicians claimed that there was only one brain examination. That was the official story they put out in 1963. It remained the official story for some 30 years because of the shroud of secrecy that the military placed over the autopsy proceedings.

People who participated in the autopsy, for example, were forced to sign secrecy oaths promising never to reveal what they had seen in what they were told was a highly classified operation. They were told that if they ever talked, they would meet with severe punitive measures.


In 1991, Oliver Stone came out with his movie JFK, which posited that that Kennedy had been killed as part of a highly sophisticated domestic regime change operation at the hands of the national-security establishment, no different from the ones that the CIA carried out both before and after the assassination, such as Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, Cuba in the 1960s, Congo in 1961, and Chile in 1973.

The movie pointed out that the national-security establishment had shrouded the assassination in national-security state secrecy, notwithstanding its official story that a lone nut had assassinated the president. Public reaction to the secrecy pressured Congress to enact the JFK Records Act, which mandated an end to the official secrecy. The Assassination Records Review Board was called into existence to enforce the law.

Among other things, the ARRB discovered that there had been two separate brain exams, contrary to what had been the official story for 30 years. The first brain exam was attended by two of the three autopsy physicians, James Humes and J. Thornton Boswell, and the official photographer for the autopsy, James Stringer. It was not attended by the third autopsy physician, Pierre Finck.

Stringer testified that at that initial brain exam, the brain was sectioned, which meant that it was sliced like a loaf of bread. That is standard procedure in an autopsy in which there is a gun shot to the head, as there was in Kennedy’s assassination.

The second brain examination was attended by Humes, Boswell, and Finck. Stinger did not attend that second brain examination, which Finck confirmed in his testimony. Stringer also said that the photographs of the brain that were taken at the second brain exam, which are the official photographs that were placed in the record, were not the ones he took at the first brain exam, which have disappeared.

Thus, that’s how the ARRB determined that there were two separate brain exams that had been falsely, deceptively, and fraudulently conflated into one brain exam for 30 years. Stringer’s testimony established that he was at the first one. Finck’s testimony established that he was at the second one.

At the second brain exam, the brain that was examined was a fully intact brain, albeit damaged. Why is that significant? Because it is impossible to reconstitute a sectioned (i.e., sliced up) brain into a full brain. It just cannot be done.

That leaves but one alternative: The brain at the second brain exam could not have been Kennedy’s. It had to be someone else’s brain. There is just no other possibility.

Of course, it would not have been difficult for the autopsy physicians to have secured another brain. Bethesda Naval Medical Center, where the autopsy was being carried out, was a teaching hospital for medical personnel. It is common that body organs are available at such facilities.

There is something else to consider. Two FBI agents who attended the autopsy, Francis O’Neil and James Siebert, told the ARRB that the official autopsy photographs showing the brain to be largely intact, albeit damaged, are inconsistent with the greatly damaged brain that they witnessed at the autopsy.

Military fraud and the mainstream media

The Washington Post and the Associated Press both punished stories about the ARRB’s findings regarding the two brain exams. There are here and here. You would think that there would be a nationwide spate of editorials and op-eds condemning what had happened, that there would be calls for Justice Department indictments, and that there would be calls for congressional investigations. You would think that there would be investigative reporters doing their best to get to the bottom of all this.

From what I know, there was none of that. The shroud of secrecy that the military had placed over the autopsy had succeeded. By the time that the ARRB uncovered the fraud regarding the two brain exams some 30 years later, the mainstream press was largely indifferent to what had happened. Either that, or they were simply too afraid to confront the Pentagon and the CIA over the matter. Or maybe they were concerned about being labeled “conspiracy theorists” if they pursued the matter.

What about the ARRB? Did it follow up on its discovery about the two brain exams with an aggressive investigation? Nope. And there was a simple reason for that. Someone had slipped a provision into the JFK Records Act that absolutely prohibited the ARRB from investigating anything it uncovered. It was a provision that was strictly enforced by the ARRB board of trustees on the ARRB staff. If any staff members was caught violating it, he would be immediately fired.

Does that make any sense? Here you have a law mandating the release of records that have been kept secret for 30 years. But if the ARRB finds anything incriminating in those records, it is prohibited from investigating it. What better way to advance a cover-up than that? And yet, from what I know, there were never any editorials or op-eds in the mainstream press condemning that highly unusual feature of the law.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, especially in my two books  The Kennedy Autopsy and The Kennedy Autopsy 2, there is no way to come up with an innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. The only possible explanation for this type of patently criminal conduct is cover-up — a cover-up of the national-security establishment’s assassination of President Kennedy, on grounds of protecting the nation’s “national security” from a president whose foreign policy was supposedly leading America to defeat at the hands of the communists.

Join us for our conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination,” which begins this Wednesday evening, March 3, and continues regularly thereafter through April 21. Admission: Free. 

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