ICYMI: VIRGINIA State Republicans Introduced MANDATORY VOTER ID LAW To Republican-Controlled General Assembly

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Just one month ago in February, a bill requiring mandatory photo identification was introduced into the Virginia General Assembly. After making it through the proper committee, Ballotpedia says the bill was introduced on February 5, 2021. 

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According to the bill's page on Bill Track 50, the bill was recommended after a 4-2 vote that it be laid on the table. In addition to making voter IDs mandatory, the bill calls upon the Department of Elections to update the voter roll with photo identification of EVERY. SINGLE. VOTER.

What this means is, in order to be considered a voter, every person on the voter roll will be required to show identification proving their Virginia residence. The bill also calls for the Department of Elections to, after doing this complete audit, remove all dead and illegal voters from the rolls.

The bill states:

3. Provide to each general registrar (i) voter confirmation documents for newly registered voters and for notice to registered voters on the system of changes and corrections in their registration records and polling places and (ii) voter photo identification cards containing the voter's photograph and signature for free for those voters who do not have one of the forms of identification specified in subsection B of 24.2-643. The Department shall promulgate rules and regulations authorizing each general registrar to obtain a photograph and signature of a voter who does not have one of the forms of identification specified in subsection B of 24.2-643 for the purpose of providing such voter a voter photo identification card containing the voter's photograph and signature. The Department shall provide each general registrar with the equipment necessary to obtain a voter's signature and photograph, and no general registrar shall be required to purchase such equipment at his own expense. Photographs and signatures obtained by a general registrar shall be submitted to the Department. The Department may contract with an outside vendor for the production and distribution of voter photo identification cards.

4. Require the general registrars to delete from the record of registered voters the name of any voter who (i) is deceased, (ii) is no longer qualified to vote in the county or city where he is registered due to removal of his residence, (iii) has been convicted of a felony, (iv) has been adjudicated incapacitated, (v) is known not to be a United States citizen by reason of reports from the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to 24.2-410.1 or from the Department of Elections based on information received from the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE Program) pursuant to subsection E, or (vi) is otherwise no longer qualified to vote as may be provided by law. Such action shall be taken no later than 30 days after notification from the Department. The Department shall promptly provide the information referred to in this subdivision, upon receiving it, to general registrars.

This bill would be an important step toward destroying the massive voter fraud machine that is present in Virginia. Just in 2020 alone, people were handed out fake ballots and, at the last minute, a USB drive full of (mostly Democrat) voters was "found" that tipped a whole county from Red to Blue

Removing the fake voters will be a great start toward cleaning up voter fraud in Virginia. The same is true of requiring photo identification. But what state Republicans are doing in Virginia is just one of a massive movement by state Republicans across 33 different states. If all these bills get passed, it will be a death blow to the Democrat voter fraud machine.

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