FLASHBACK: Remember When The CUOMO Brothers JOKED ABOUT CORONAVIRUS Testing On CNN While Nursing Home Patients Died?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

As Andrew Cuomo's administration is folding under the immense firestorm of truly horrific news he's been under, from sexual assault to killing old people in nursing homes, videos have resurfaced showing him making light of Coronavirus amid the early staged of the pandemic.

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Andrew Cuomo is joined by his brother, Chris on CNN (would it really have been another network?) and they playfully joked around with each other while the nursing home deaths secretly piled up

While they're talking about the death and carnage happening in New York, how there isn't funding, the two brothers joked about Cuomo's nose and how the test bothered him. Chris is seen holding a gigantic Qtip that he uses throughout the interview as a joke while his brother bursts out laughing at one point. 

Later in the interview, Chris says "all joking aside" as they continue to talk about Coronavirus.

You can watch this disgusting exchange below:

As old people died and Andrew Cuomo threatened Ron Kim who was trying to do something about it, the two brothers joke around and promise to "be nice" to each other, making fun of the Coronavirus test and joking around at a time when New York's lockdown policies radically failed its population. 

And people wonder why Newsmax and NTD's viewership have shot up recently.

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