CFACT exposes the Climate Hustle at CPAC

While President Trump made his big splash this weekend with his first public address since the election, CFACT made a bit of a splash of its own at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

As a co-sponsor of the movement’s largest gathering of the faithful, CFACT was able to promote its message by setting up a table in the heavily trafficked Windermere Ballroom. The table featured an educational “Green New Wheel” game. If attendees landed on the “Free Market Energy” space, they won. But watch out! If attendees landed on the “Green New Deal” space, they lost! The CFACT table also featured copies of Climate Hustle 2 as well as newsletters, pens, and other paraphernalia, which even attracted the attention of various members of the media who interviewed our enthusiastic staffers.

On the topic of media, the Committee also made its presence known on “radio row” – which is a long hallway filled with booth after booth of leading radio and television broadcasters from across the country.

CFACT exposes the Climate Hustle at CPAC 2

CFACT spokesmen Marc Morano and I were invited guests on a number of “right thinking” programs including USA radio network, FM 94.9 Orlando The Answer, Randy Corcoran of KNUS in Colorado, and The Brett Winterble Show, who has frequently subbed in for the late Rush Limbaugh.

Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo also joined the CFACT team at CPAC and was, as predicted, a major draw of interest to conference attendees. Often flocked by a small gaggle of followers and having to stop every 20 yards for photographs, Sorbo undertook some 24 interviews on outlets including Fox News, Real America’s Voice with David Zere, Victory TV, CD Media, and Conservative Commandos, to name just a few.

But perhaps CFACT’s biggest accomplishment at CPAC was its side event that took place on

CFACT exposes the Climate Hustle at CPAC 3Saturday called “Exposing the Climate Hustle.” About 100 people gathered in the Bayhill rooms to hear from CFACT’s Craig Rucker, Marc Morano, Heartland’s James Taylor and headliner Kevin Sorbo to take apart the Green New Deal and climate alarmism, and also to promote CFACT’s Climate Hustle 2 documentary.

“I got very vocal about global warming too,” Sorbo said as he explained his swift expulsion from the circles of liberal, Hollywood elites once he came out as a conservative actor. “[Climate Hustle 2] was very educational for me, I gotta tell you. Get ten copies and pass them on to your friends. Pass them on to your liberal friends, if you have any,” Sorbo exclaimed to chuckles from the audience.

You can watch CFACT’s event with Kevin Sorbo at CPAC in its entirety here.

All in all, CFACT’s efforts were a huge success, and the conservative movement is fired up and ready to take on the challenges ahead of the nation.

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