CENSORED TRUTH: Woman's Life Saved When She Uses GUN To Stop Her Alleged RAPIST, Media IGNORES Story

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

An Alabama woman who shot and killed her rapist with a gun, thus saving herself from being raped and possibly killed, has plead guilty for defending herself. The woman was allegedly being attacked by a rapist when she was able to protect herself with a gun, killing him in the process.

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According to her, it was a him-or-me scenario, and she claims she accepted the plea deal because it would be better than the 20 years she was being offered for allegedly defending herself from rape. The rapist also threatened to kill both her and her brother.

"I’m not a murderer but when it’s the lesser of two evils what can you do?" She told Alabama.com in a statement.

Of course, the media either completely ignored the story or what few outlets DID report on it chose to focus on her sentence rather than the horrible rape and murder she allegedly prevented by using her gun in self defense. The man allegedly chose to try to rape her in her own kitchen and knew her personally. If she didn't have a gun, he probably would have succeeded in both the rape and the murder, too.

Guns save lives, and this is just one example of a gun being used to defend women from predatory behavior. Right now, Congress is trying to pass the "Firearm Safety Act of 2021," but, as everyone knows, these acts do nothing to stop the horrible people from having guns and only put more citizens like this woman at risk (for more info on Congress's assault on gun ownership, click here).

Roughly 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted, mostly by a friend or relative. But in many of these instances, the women are not armed and therefore cannot defend themselves. If more women were armed like this woman who allegedly successfully defended herself from rape, then there would likely be fewer rapes in America.

Just Facts reports a survey from inmates where up to 50% of them said they would not have committed the crime they committed if they knew the other person had a gun, imagine how many lives could have been saved if guns were made more easily available to the public. 

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