By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Wyoming's House of Representatives has just passed a Voter ID law requiring all residents to show identification before voting. The bill also allows for poll registrars to refuse voting to Wyoming residents who cannot show voter ID.

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The bill states:

AN ACT relating to elections; modifying the definition of acceptable identification; requiring that acceptable identification be presented before voting in person; providing that provisional ballots may be cast as specified; providing that in person voters may be challenged for failure to present acceptable identification; modifying department of transportation notification requirements for identification cards; making conforming amendments; and providing for an effective date.

. . .

Except as specifically provided otherwise, a person may vote only if he the person is a qualified elector, and only in the precinct in which he the person resides and, if voting in person, only if the person presents acceptable identification immediately before voting at the polling place or absentee polling place. If a person is unable to present acceptable identification immediately before voting at the polling place or absentee polling place, the person may vote by provisional ballot pursuant to W.S. 22‑15‑105.

This is part of a nationwide effort by State Republicans to fight back against voter fraud as the House and Senate becomes controlled by Democrats. Thus far, state republicans have introduced more than 165 different vote reform bills in 33 states. In a portion of these states, they have the majority and have been passing bills related to stopping voter fraud (for more info on the nationwide state republican effort to stop vote fraud, click here).

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  1. To be struck down by a federal judge in 3, 2, 1.....

  2. I don't understand what the big deal is, this is the first election I recall where I didn't have to show my id. In a covid mask, no less. You could literally show up and say you were anyone, using publicly available info, and vote as them. People who say voter id amounts to "voter suppression" are concern trolls. There is a racist undertone to their assertions that black and hispanic people are unable to unable to complete the steps to get a drivers license, register to vote, and participate in the process (It's funny, I've never heard a liberal make that same allegation on the behalf of Asians or Jews). And they commit "actual voter suppression" in the name of those racist allegations, by making our elections meaningless by removing all safeguards against cheating. What is America even doing? The 2020 election, mail in vote, ridiculous rule changes, no is the silliest election I've ever heard of or witnessed outside of Venezuela, and we are playing a risky game with our fragile democracy