BREAKING: Avast Antivirus FALSELY Labels Patriots.Win As PHISHING SITE

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Avast Antivirus has made it impossible to visit Patriots.Win unless you turn off their web filtering service, The Daily Fodder has found.

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When trying to access the site, Avast incorrectly notifies its users that Patriots.Win is a "dangerous phishing site," despite the site not taking any credit card information and VirusTotal giving the site the green light

It is unknown why Avast believes Patriots.Win to be a phishing site, but part of the reason could be censorship on a broad scale.

Avast has received funding from Summit Partners, who have an account with the CIA, NSA, and DISA, according to this job posting looking for someone to manage their Intelligence Agency accounts. The job posting says:

Responsibilities What You’ll Do - You will manage the strategic selling cycle for DISA and high profile intelligence agencies such as CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA and others.

Further, Avast is known to have major investments from CVC Capital, who has been an outspoken Critic of President Trump's economic strategy, with a managing partner stating in a Reuters article that Trump's policy of freeing the economy would destroy the investment industry, despite his economic policy greatly increasing investors' personal wealth until the forced shutdowns destroyed the economy.

Additionally, they fought back against Trump's border wall, saying one of their fence-makers got the cold shoulder. 

The Intelligence Community is now using antivirus to censor the internet.

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