Biden Publishes New Proposal Declaring He Will Take Control Of The Internet

By John Paluska, Founder of The Washington Gazette

President Biden just dropped the "fact sheet" for his American "Rescue" Plan, and it is basically a socialist nightmare. But one particular passage on plans for the internet specifically states that the government will lift all the bans on the government making the internet, while at the same time giving massive government grants to public companies to make an "even" playing field for government-owned internet.

The fact sheet states:

President Biden’s plan will promote price transparency and competition among internet providers, including by lifting barriers that prevent municipally-owned or affiliated providers and rural electric co-ops from competing on an even playing field with private providers, and requiring internet providers to clearly disclose the prices they charge.

. . .

President Biden believes that building out broadband infrastructure isn’t enough. We also must ensure that every American who wants to can afford high-quality and reliable broadband internet. While the President recognizes that individual subsidies to cover internet costs may be needed in the short term, he believes continually providing subsidies to cover the cost of overpriced internet service is not the right long-term solution for consumers or taxpayers. Americans pay too much for the internet – much more than people in many other countries – and the President is committed to working with Congress to find a solution to reduce internet prices for all Americans, increase adoption in both rural and urban areas, hold providers accountable, and save taxpayer money.

So, Biden's plan is to get the government to control the access flow to the internet in places where there isn't broadband internet yet, but also to "work with Congress" to screw over internet providers.

The funny part is, the Federal Government already made it nearly impossible for these providers to provide internet to rural areas due to the insane laws they have written. These internet service providers need to all hit such useless and out-of-date standards that were written 20+ years ago that it makes it nearly impossible to expand in rural areas. 

Additionally, local and state governments also add their own regulations on top of the Federal Government's laws. This makes it difficult to expand into states across the board due to how many different boxes need to be checked to satisfy all 50 states.

So, in effect, when Biden says he's going to "hold providers accountable," it means he's going to control them and cut them out if he can. He's going to take over the internet, determine what "quality" internet access is, and then force the government to take control of the internet.


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