REPUBLICANS Launch MASSIVE Coordinated VOTER FRAUD REFORM Effort Across 33 States, Federal Government

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The Republican party has been enacting one of the greatest pushes to fix voter fraud across the country by requiring voter ids, adding more requirements that prove state citizenship, and even introducing laws to purge dead voters from the voter rolls.

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They may not have the House or Senate, but the Republican party is using their muscle in the state legislatures across the country to launch a significant voter fraud reform campaign. So far, more than 165 different laws were introduced by State Republicans across 33 states, and some of these bills are gaining ground.

For instance, In Atlanta, there are a total of 5 bills introduced by Republicans that are slowly inching their way toward passage in the Republican-controlled Legislature. Republicans hold majorities in both the Georgia House and Senate, advancing bills that require photo IDs for absentee ballots among other things.

But it isn't just in Georgia where the Republican Party is working to fight voter fraud, in Florida, Republicans there are advancing a bill that will require all voters to show photo IDs to vote in-person. Florida, like Georgia, is controlled by the Republican Party at the state level, so there is a good chance this reform will be passed.

In Virginia, Sergio De La Peña is running for Governor on a platform that, among other things, will provide a complete forensic audit of the Virginia voter rolls to remove all the fake and dead voters and make sure only real Virginians vote. "We need to return to an Election Day where only legal votes count, not a season of 'boxes' of ballots found later," Sergio told The Daily Fodder in a statement. "It's an Election Day, not an Election Season."

At the national level, the GOP is currently forming a committee that will preserve voter integrity and they are also introducing bills aimed at ending voter fraud in Congress (for more info on bills introduced to stop voter fraud, click here).

Further, the GOP has recently introduced a new bill that will require voter IDs for all elections nationwide, making it more difficult to fake being a voter.

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