9% Of Absentee Ballots In Arizona Could Be Fake, Court-Ordered Ballot Integrity Analysis Reveals

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In Arizona, a Democrat (yes, that's Democrat with a D) hand writing specialist was called in to look at signatures for a random sample of 100 absentee ballots in Arizona, and the results were shocking.

According to their analysis of the signatures, the Democrat analyst found that 9% of the signatures, nearly 1 out of every 10 absentee ballots the person looked at, were problematic. This is compounded by the fact that handwriting experts apparently submitted a document that alleged 8-10% of the signatures did not match when compared to ones previously stored in Arizona's DMV database.

Granted, having signatures mismatch from a previous database does not prove the signatures were fraudulent, but the random sample did not look at signatures from the DMV database, instead it looked at signatures and compared them to the signatures on the absentee ballot forms to see if they matched. Apparently, in 9% of cases, the signatures on the ballots were problematic.

There was also a Republican hand writing specialist who concluded that 6% of ballots had problematic signatures, which is significantly lower than the 8-10% figure reportedly cited by the Plaintiff from handwriting experts in the case.

This was part of a lawsuit that took place in Maricopa County, which is in the middle of a recount by the Arizona Senate to determine if there was a fraud in the election. The recount will reportedly look at 2.6 million votes.


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