BREAKING: JUDGE Says Trump WASN'T RESPONSIBLE For Capitol Riot In New Decision

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Despite the nonstop fake news narrative that the Capitol Riot was Trump's fault, a judge just gave it to an insurrectionist who tried to scapegoat his actions on Trump. The lawsuit, which took place in Kansas, alleged that the plaintiff was simply doing Trump's bidding when he stormed the Capitol. According to Business Insider, the man was charged with multiple counts which included "conspiracy to civil disorder, threatening to assault federal law enforcement, and entering a restricted area with a weapon."

But he thought he could get by easy by simply blaming Trump, a narrative that worked so well among liberals who want to blame the former President for everything from insurrection and a coup to getting too involved in the government.

However, the judge basically said the opposite, stating Trump was not responsible for the man's actions. 

The Judge stated, according to Business Insider:

This purported defense, if recognized, would undermine the rule of law. If President Trump ordered or instructed a member of the Proud Boys [to] go off and murder somebody and someone went off and did that, it follows that … would immunize them from liability for that criminal act? In effect, isn't that what your argument is saying?

So, you can't blame Trump for your actions. Even in the extreme example of if Trump actually had commanded them to do this (he didn't), you still can't blame Trump for your actions. This is hardly news to anyone with a basic understanding of the law, but it could come as a shock to people who believe someone can simply scapegoat problems onto others for their actions.


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  1. That's not even close to what the judge said. Your headline is so misleading it's pitiful.

    Luckily though we don't have to worry about Trump inviting anyone anymore. He's spitting into the wind out there in West Palm Beach, completely cut off from mainstream America. And THAT is what 81 million people voted for!

    1. Boy do you have an awakening coming. It takes a really slow and indoctrinated person to dismiss the very MSM they worship with a direct quote. Trumps not done and he will sit in the Oval office sooner than you think.

      Biden is going away soon, as is Kamala, Pelosi and many more.

      Hate it for you Cat.