By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

As three Trump Lawsuits are slated to hit the Supreme Court, Sidney Powell, President Trump's lawyer, took to Telegram to remind the world that more is likely down the pipe for voter fraud, stating "we are NOT DONE."

The Gateway Pundit has a good summary of the cases, and some of them are heavy-hitters like the Pennsylvania one where the election committee violated the state constitution and changed the election procedures without consulting the Legislative branch.

According to a rigorous analysis of Pennsylvania's voter records, 191,725 ballot records were altered after election day. Even though the lawsuit focuses more on the procedural illegality of how the voting process was changed in violation of the State's constitution, Pennsylvania is still a state where irregular voting data was found.

The other cases include the Michigan case that Timothy King filed for Trump over massive voter fraud by Dominion Voting Systems based on expert testimony by Russel Ramsland. 

The Michigan lawsuit states on page 16:

The trial court did not examine or even comment on Petitioners’ expert witnesses, including Russell James Ramsland, Jr. (Ex. 101, “Ramsland Affidavit”), who testified that Dominion alone is responsible for the injection, or fabrication, of 289,866 illegal votes in Michigan. This is almost twice the number of Mr. Biden’s purported lead in the Michigan vote (without consideration of the additional illegal, ineligible, duplicate or fictitious votes due to the unlawful conduct outlined below). This, by itself, requires that the district court grant the declaratory and injunctive relief Petitioners sought. Andrew W. Appel, et al., “Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs) Cannot Assure the Will of the Voters” at (Dec. 27, 2019), attached hereto as Exhibit 2 (“Appel Study”).

In addition to the Dominion computer fraud, Petitioners identified multiple means of “traditional” voting fraud and Michigan Election Code violations, supplemented by harassment, intimidation, discrimination, abuse, and even physical removal of Republican poll challengers to eliminate any semblance of transparency, objectivity, or fairness from the vote counting process. Systematic violations of the Michigan Election Code cast significant doubt on the results of the election and call for this Court to set aside the 2020 Michigan General Election and grant the declaratory and injunctive relief requested herein. King Et al vs. Whitmer Et al, No. 20-cv-13134, Eastern District of Michigan, Exhibits 1-43, PgID 958-1831.

There's many other cases too, but these are the major ones. Hopefully these lawsuits are just the beginning of getting to the REAL results of the 2020 election! 


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