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According to Fiona Chen Consulting Company, a tax auditing and forensic accounting firm, hundreds of thousands of ballots were dumped by outside sources on election night. The dumps in Michigan and Wisconsin were caught due to vigilant eyes watching the screens, but there are reportedly other dumps across the U.S. that the firm has been made aware of and published on their website.

Fiona Chen, the owner of the firm, who has taught university classes on Computer Simulation Modeling, also claims corrections in Michigan were never made at the state level, giving Biden a permanent 138,000-vote boost.

Additionally, in Wisconsin, she mathematically proved that the sudden rise in votes that was considered a 1% increase would have resulted in a population size almost twice as large as Wisconsin's voting population. She claims this makes it "likely" that the votes were not scanned in and were instead added from somewhere else.

According to their analysis:

The vote number change happened when the majority of the votes were reported so that the person who did it could have known how large a number to put in. For some states, this person may need to do the data dump several times to make sure to manipulate the result to come out for one side but not the other. Yet, for any hackers of a system, s/he would not want to stay in the system too long or for multiple times to make sure that trace is not shown or linked back to him/her.

We don't know whether a bug was placed in the computer system to do the data dump automatically with certain AI, math algorithm abilities.

If there were no contemporary screenshots done by vote watchers online as the ones here, we would never have known that these data dump happened. The examples here are the ones caught. How about the ones not caught?

The entire computer system for this voting report has to be forensic (sic) audited to identify the reason for each incidence, reverse the vote effect and broadly examine the extend of the entire impact. 

 Fiona Chen presents screenshots as evidence of the vote dumps and shows how it follows an unusual graph for Michigan, where Biden's votes suddenly inflated and created an odd-shaped curve:

Fiona Chen election graph for Michigan

Fiona Chen is a forensic accountant who has her degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York at Albany. Her dissertation was on Computer Simulation Modeling of fiscal policies. 

Chen taught for 10 years at multiple universities in the areas of Computer Simulation Modeling, Computer Applications, Financial Modeling, and other topics. 

According to her expert testimony on page 6, she claims the 138,000-vote increase for Biden WAS NOT CORRECTED, stating:

At the county level, it may have been corrected; at the state level, it is not. We cannot see where the correction is made or reversed at the State’s level. Graph 1 below contains the accumulated votes for both candidates starting from the evening of November 3, 2020 until about 7 pm of November 4, 2020. The surge vote for Biden was never reversed.

In Wisconsin, she writes on pages 5-6 in her other expert testimony that:

Table 1 on page 6, at 12:59 am on 11/4/2020, shows in the middle of the table, the Wisconsin vote counts, are with 94% vote reporting, of which 47.4% of 1,424,002 for blue column, Biden, and 51.1% of 1,533,837 for red column, Trump. Therefore, we know that the total vote for both candidates is 98.5% of the 94% vote reporting. The total number of 2,957,839 makes the 94% total vote reporting to be 3,002,882. Thus, total number of voters is 3,194,556. A one-percent (1%) increase would be 31,946. Even if we use USA Today’s number of total voter registered in Wisconsin as 3,684,726, 6 a one-percentage (1%) increase is 36,847. 

As Table 2 shows on page 7, at 1:46 am, when the reporting percentage increased 1% to 95%, the votes were 1,580,101 for Blue, Biden, and 1,571,458 for Red, Trump. That total is 3,151,559, 193,720 more votes that at the 94%.

Fiona Chen's testimony yields more reasons that the election should be forensically audited to help root out voter fraud and preserve the integrity of the 2020 election. 


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  1. I tried clicking on the source links. A warning popped up from my antivirus and stopped the page from loading???

  2. So... by this logic. If I was tried for tax evasion and this woman and her company were used as "expert witnesses" against me...

    could I now have my case thrown out because she said there was voter fraud which everyone has denied?

    Or vise versa... do we NOW take the voter fraud case seriously?