By John Paluska, Founder of The Daly Fodder

Now that Biden just instituted his complete takeover of the U.S. economy, having the Intelligence Community, among other Federal agencies, determine which businesses get to stay open and which don't matter, Congress has completed the complete communist takeover of the United States with the introduction of the "COVID–19 Whistleblower Protection Act," which allows your neighbors to "turn you in" if you don't do what the government says.

Reminiscent of the Chinese Community Party's anonymous tip apps and the Nazi Germany tattle-tale programs that got neighbors to alert the authorities if anyone dared try to save the life of a Jewish person from a gas oven, this new whistleblower program will turn your neighbors into faithful informants of the U.S. Government so they can punish you if you violate their compliance whims no matter what.

The bill states:


    (a) Prohibition Of Reprisals.—

        (1) IN GENERAL.—A protected individual may not be discharged, demoted, blacklisted, prejudiced by any action or lack of action, or otherwise discriminated against in any way (including in the hiring process and including by the threat of any such action or inaction) for—

            (A) disclosing, being perceived as disclosing, or preparing to disclose (including assisting in disclosing, being perceived as assisting in disclosing, or preparing to assist in disclosing and including a disclosure made in the ordinary course of the duties of the protected individual) to an officer or entity described in paragraph (2) information that the protected individual reasonably believes is evidence of misconduct that violates, obstructs, or undermines any statute, rule, or regulation with respect to any Coronavirus pandemic-related program, project, or activity, including—

                (i) gross mismanagement of an agency contract, subcontract, grant, or subgrant relating to covered funds;

                (ii) a gross waste of covered funds;

                (iii) a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety;

                (iv) an abuse of authority related to the distribution, implementation, or use of covered funds, including conflict of interest or partiality; and

                (v) a violation of any statute, rule, or regulation related to an agency contract, subcontract (including the competition for or negotiation of a contract or subcontract), grant, or subgrant, awarded or issued relating to covered funds; or

                (B) refusing to obey an order that the protected individual reasonably believes would require that individual to violate a statute, rule, or regulation with respect to any Coronavirus pandemic-related program, project, or activity.

As any good communist nation knows, you can't have a communist system without turning your neighbors into faithful enforcers of the state. 

Decide not to wear your mask to the group hangout your coworkers are having at someone's house? Well, think again buckaroo! Your neighbor can tattle on the whole party and you can't do a thing about it. 

Accidentally forgot to use hand sanitizer that one time at a hospital that receives government funds? Welp, now you can be tattled on and your life ruined for forgetting one time, despite your best efforts.

The list goes on and on. If this bill passes, then this is the America we can hope to live in, one where your neighbor will tattle on you for your mask-wearing habits, where you go after work, what you do in your free time, how many people you see, what type of people you see, and more. Your free will is now an enemy of the state, even if everyone in the room doesn't care about what you're doing except for that one co-worker who isn't even there.


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