BREAKING: Jerry Nadler's Impeachment "Scholars" For His New Impeachment "Inquiry" Have Close George Soros Connections

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Adam Schiff's not-so-anticipated report is about to drop in the coming days, and Jerry Nadler recently announced the so-called "scholars" who will be arguing over impeachment of President Trump in relation to the Constitution. But rather than stick with some of the Trump Derangement Syndrome heavy-hitters like former Judge Andrew Napolitano, they brought forward virtual nobodies. It turns out George Soros is connected to some of them in pretty alarming ways.

After a document dump by John Solomon and others recently put the nail in the coffin for anyone denying George Soros colluding with the Obama Administration to make a quick buck in Ukraine, more evidence unfolded of connections between Soros and Adam Schiff, who also, according to the Ukrainian government, accepted laundered money from the previous Ukrainian administration, his staffer is working for the Atlantic Council, which was founded by George Soros and is funded by him.

Now, Jerry Nadler, who received over five thousand dollars from George Soros in the 2016 elections, announced a list of so-called "scholars" who will testify about impeachment. Three of them were Democrat choices. The fourth one, Jonathan Turley, was chosen by Republicans. The three: Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, and Michael Gerhardt have major reasons they were chosen. Two of them, Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt have connections to Soros.

Noah Feldman:

Noah Feldman was married to Jeannie Suk, who is a Paul Soros Scholarship fellow corrently working at Harvard University. Paul Soros is the older brother of George Soros. She has never written anything negative about either Soros relative and has a bio on the scholarship's site. Further, she was tapped in a Public Radio International fluff piece about Paul Soros and the Soros Fellowship. In the piece, Daisy Soros, the husband of Paul, says the fellows are a "community" and that many are friends or have married each other.

Feldman has been completely silent on George Soros other than one short sentence on him where he normalizes Soros's campaign spending by bringing up Republicans who do too in a Bloomberg piece.

Michael Gerhardt:

Michael Gerhardt worked as Deputy Media Director for Al Gore's Senate campaign. Al Gore and George Soros have a long history of working together, with Soros being the main backer of Al Gore's climate change disinformation campaign. Further, Gore and Soros worked together on Ukraine in 1996. Gore's Senate campaign was in 2000, less than 5 years after the Ukraine policy collusion.

Pamela Karlan:

Pamela was asked by the Obama Administration to be the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Voting Rights. She served from 2014 and was considered one of the hardest-working employees for Obama's corrupt Justice Department, even helping out in the landmark government control of marriage case United States v. Windsor. Clearly she is no enemy of Obama and, considering Joe Biden and Barack Obama's Ukraine dealings are a mainstay of this Ukraine controversy, she can be counted on to be a great impeachment arguer.

So there you have it. The "inquiry" is a 3-1 Soros and Obama shill list of people who will argue for impeachment based on zero evidence.

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  1. They can say what ever they want doesn't make it true. There will be serious issues for united states and various other parts of the world if they try to do anything with or to Donald J Trump,serious issues.